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somatic psychotherapy

individual adult therapy

Adults sessions are for folks ages 20-65. Sessions are 60 minutes long and will incorporate real-talk therapy, mindfulness, and body based experiential approaches. We will work together to find the combination that works for you. Come as you are, and we will meet you there together.

what is somatic psychotherapy?

"Body-oriented or body-centered psychotherapy is an expansive, emerging, multi-faceted field that affirms the inseparability of mind, body, and spirit. It draws from somatic psychology which sees the mind revealed not only in relational styles, dreams, and cognitions, but in neurophysiology, posture, gestures, movement, bodily tensions and more. It explores the therapeutic possibilities of somatic roads to the unconscious and healing while honoring the wisdom of general psychology and psychotherapy through expanding and contributing to it. " - USABP

areas of focus
  • complex relational trauma
  • anxiety & panic
  • highly sensitive people
  • dissociation
  • substance abuse
  • adult children of alcoholics
  • adult children of caregivers with personality disorders
  • grief & loss
  • relationship issues
  • mindfulness & embodiment
  • self actualization
  • vicarious trauma/ burnout
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