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mindfulness meditation

mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is an exercise in breathing and orienting your mindbody to the present moment as best as possible. Meditation has the potential to support some folks in reducing anxiety, worry, stress, and depression while increasing emotional regulation and feelings of inner stability. Some find that it also can support in decreasing the need to cope with substances and has the potential to increase feelings of vitality and joy.


This is not the case for everyone, as meditation is not a one size fits all experience. If you are wondering if this is for you, please reach out!

I do not currently have any meditation offerings scheduled, however if you're interested in learning about meditation or practicing in a group setting, please be in touch. I am gathering interest and welcome you to let me know what you're looking for.



About my meditation style:

I have been meditating and teaching folks to meditate for 10+ years. My orientation is influenced by Rajanaka yoga - a tradition that is non-dogmatic and aims to empower each individual to find what they truly believe in - and of course my work as a trauma oriented psychotherapist. My facilitation style invites each individual to find what works for them in any given moment as opposed to suggesting that I have "the right way". It feels very important to me to be clear that my intention is not to appropriate traditions that are not in my lineage, or to suggest that I am a "guru" of any sort. My hope is to create a safe enough space for folks to arrive into their individual present moment experience. I welcome feedback in regards to this if my offerings ever feel out of alignment with this intention.

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